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Get on the fast track to unlocking your own healing potential. Distilling decades of teaching from multiple self-healing modalities, ancient wisdom and modern science come together to meet the dynamic needs of modern life.  

Breathwave Methods combine the essence of what used to be woo. Designed to be adaptable to any unique individual, meeting you where you are today, and guiding you home to your healing practice

We invite you to open your heart and mind to the exciting prospects and possibilities that we have in store for you.

We Only Ask That You:
  • Be Curious about your ability to change/heal

  • Be Consistent in your approach

  • Be Patient with your bodies (energetic and physical). 

Home: Welcome


The Pathway to Health Management

Do past tensions, stresses or traumas still live within your body and nervous system? Somatic and fascia-focused research teaches us that we hold memories and emotions not just mentally, but also physically within our tissues. By learning to safely unlock these holdings patterns, we can rewrite the body/brain's habitual reactions to support increased regulation, resilience and renewal. Our retreats offer an opportunity to recast your story and shift you into the higher self you've always known is there. Knowledge and understanding, combined with practical application and ceremony, make our retreats a mind, body, and spirit journey.

Foundational Foods


Understand Your Physiology

Honoring breath as the bridge between body and spirit, matter and energy, we guide others to discover: You already hold everything needed to up-level your well being. Nutrition is foundational to health because our systems don't perform well if under nourished or over taxed.



All You Need is Within You

Give yourself what you need to thrive from your physical body, to your spiritual one, we are connected across systems. With trama informed guidance, craft a personal healing practice unique to your journey



Step into the New You

Years of post traumatic stress living can have deep, lasting, hard to heal wounds at their root. Heal at the source to renew your entire life.

Get in touch today and you can start to understand your body and mind like never before. Your decisions have gotten you this far, don't stop now.


Find Your Unique Healing  Path

Your last healing mile starts right where you are. With a straightforward, one hour daily practice, you can change ALL of this. Once we quiet our mind and calm the nervous system (through body and mind cleansing) we can open the potential within us to heal and grow in ways we never thought possible. 

We named our method Breathwave as a reminder that your healing has always lived inside your body’s rhythms and contours. Like oceans beckoning the return of tidal flows, your inner current pulls - waiting for your conscious return through liberating breath, unlocking movement and softening awareness. Our approach reconnects your authentic self with your physical form leaving you feeling wholly in control with seemingly new, boundless energy. 



The Breathwave Protocol is intended for self-healing and self-regulation.

It is not a medical treatment or replacement for seeking medical care or taking prescribed medications. Always consult a licensed professional regarding any physical or mental health conditions and continue any therapeutic treatment plans prescribed by your doctor or therapist while practicing Breathwave exercises.

Breathwave aims to complement standard talk therapy and pharmaceutical options by providing holistic self-care rituals for stress relief and trauma recovery. Think of Breathwave as supporting traditional mental health care rather than substituting it. The program offers practical tools to build felt-senses of embodiment, calm and empowerment in daily life.

Members are responsible for using discernment regarding meeting both medical and self-directed wellness needs. We aim for Breathwave to enhance any care plans in helpful harmony.

Please note that Breathwave and Last Mile Healing cannot guarantee results given the unique nature of each individual’s medical and life circumstances. As with any self-development program requiring lifestyle changes, consistency with practice is key for sustained benefits. We encourage members to personalize support as needed through private coaching. Together let’s make Breathwave a bridge to better living!

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