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Above the clouds


Modern science now confirms what elders knew: breath holds the key to catalyzing wellness. Specific rhythmic patterns quiet alarms raging through overloaded nervous systems. Gentle pressure through tense tissue renews flow where trauma blocks. By breathing into our whole bodies and maneuvering our fascia so it can perform optimally, we awaken our organs and tissues through loosening our fascia and returning to flow. This process increases our awareness and calms our nervous system so we can regain full control of our inner self. Mindfulness returns us from reactivity and drops us into a river-like calm beneath the chaos of the external world. 

So many of us have learned to try and quell the storms in our lives with external remedies, like alcohol, drugs, food, medication and mindless entertainment that restimulates our negative thoughts and behaviors in an endless cycle of self-imposed suffering, with one compulsive behavior leading into the next as we plod through daily life wondering why our energy never seems to peak without external stimulus. 

With a straightforward, one hour daily practice, you can change ALL of this. Once we quiet our mind and calm the nervous system (through body and mind cleansing) we can open the potential within us to heal and grow in ways we never thought possible. 

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