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Wellness from Within

The first breath welcomes us after the quiet womb. With first cries, lungs expand with lifegiving air. Across millennia and cultures - from Chinese Qi to Yogic Prana - all practices for personal mastery begin with a focus on the breath. This starting point is actually two things at once, the air being inhaled into the body and your attention on it. By focusing your attention you naturally calm your nervous system enough to begin to engage in a conscious way with the rest of your soma. 

Modern science now confirms what elders knew: breath holds the key to catalyzing wellness. The power to heal lies in our use of our breath and bodies, we just need the keys to unlock it. 

Let our Breathwave practices guide your embodied journey home. Manifest renewal through timeless tools, catalyzed here to meet this modern moment. Your last healing mile starts right where you are.

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Bucket Hot Tub


Meditating in Nature


Meditative Rapid Transformation

Our trauma informed approach to positive psychology is foundational to unlocking your deepest traumas and transforming them before your very eyes. By breathing into our whole bodies and maneuvering our fascia so it can perform optimally, we awaken our organs and tissues through loosening our fascia and returning to flow.

This process increases our awareness and calms our nervous system so we regain full control.

Receptive to Rhythm

Rhythmic breath work has been a part of spiritual rituals around the world for millennia. Helping participants achieve heighten states of awareness. Specific rhythmic patterns quiet alarms raging through overloaded nervous systems. Gentle pressure through tense tissue renews flow where trauma blocks.

Combined with sound therapy, and variable temperature therapy, you can learn to transmute stored negative energy into positive energy forever.

Unlock and unblock

With a straightforward, one hour daily practice, you can change how you feel and improve immune function as well as energy and strength. Once we quiet our mind and calm the nervous system (through body and mind cleansing) we can open the potential within us to heal and grow in ways we never thought possible. 
With methods shared by The Human Garage

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